Recruitment Process




Our recruitment and selection process works as follows:

360 Degrees

By allocating a lot of time and energy in understanding the profile looked for in detail, the culture of the company as well as the specific challenges and competences required for the role, we obtain a complete picture of the candidate sought. A large part of this understanding comes from interviews with people who have close links to the position that needs to be filled.

Job profile
With the acquired knowledge from the 360 degrees conversations, we create a detailed job profile which we double-check with our customer.

Using our database and network as a base we establish a long list of potential candidates.

After our first dialogue with the candidates from the long list we produce a shortlist.

Interviews by Rosander Recruitment
We hold face-to-face interviews with the shortlisted candidates reviewing their profiles in regards to competence, specific experience, personal characteristics and the match in company culture. In addition, a behavioural style analysis (DISC) is carried out.

From the shortlist a number of selected candidates will be presented to the client.

Customer Interview
These candidates will go through the interview process of our customer. If required, Rosander Recruitment can participate in this process.

After evaluation of the interviewed candidates, the final selection is made by the customer. In the unlikely event that no suitable candidate is found, Rosander Recruitment will continue the search.

Possible Assessment (Personality test)
At an additional charge a personality test can be arranged through us.

Contract Terms & Conditions
Rosander Recruitment can support discussions regarding specific terms & conditions in the employee contract.

Contract signing and aftercare
Our assignment does not end at the signing of the employment contract. Rosander Recruitment stays in touch with the client and the new employee to ensure that both parties are satisfied.