Privacy Policy

Integrity of all personal information, that we are managing is our highest priority in everything we do. Our Policy of personal integrity explains how we, as responsible for all personal information, manage personal information according to (EU) 2016/279 GDPR.

Collecting of information. 
We gather information on you in the following ways:

  • By you using and uploading information thru our website.
  • By you sending information directly to our mailadress
  • By that Rosander Recruitment, thru search is looking for candidates on i.e. Linkedin.
  • By gathering information during our search processes. This can be in the form of, for examples, interviews, tests, evaluations and communication thru various channels between candidates, Rosander Recruitment, party searching for employees and references taken.

Categories of personal information that we collect, store and process.
Extended information on name and contact information.
CV: s.
Documentation on various interviews.
Various test results.
Various evaluations done during our assignments.
Communications between Rosander Recruitments and candidates as well as communications between Rosander Recruitment and its contractual partner in a search process.
Information from interviews and findings during conversation with referrers.

Purpose of managing personal information.
Our contractual assignments with our customers.
The information we are gathering might be used in finding suitable candidates for job positions. Candidates that our contractual partners have asked us to identify for future positions in their organizations.

Improve Rosander Recruitment communication.
The mailadress you are supplying might be used to send information and updates on Rosander Recruitments events, newsletters and other kind of activities.

Please note that you can, at any given moment, stop this information from being sent to you by following the instructions given at the end of any information.

Recipient of personal information.
Rosander Recruitment does not sell, trade or in any other way transfer your personal information to any third party.

Exceptions are:
Third party managing and operating our webpage. Rosander Recruitment has established a contractual agreement with these parties covering all requirements according to GPDR.

  • Our contractual customers, where we from time to time act as their outsourced partner in recruiting assignments. (personuppgiftsbiträde.)
  • Legal obligations.

For how long do we keep your personal information?
We store, manage and process your information if we see it is relevant
for the purpose for which it was originally collected. 

Your rights.
You have the right, at any given moment, to ask for all the information we have stored about you without any cost. You also have the right to demand that all information on you to be corrected as well as ask that all information on you should be deleted.
You also have the right to revoke your approval for us to manage, store and process your personal information as well as forbid any use of your contact information for marketing activities.

For any of above circumstances please contact us by mail on:
You have the right to submit any complaints on the way we are managing, storing and processing your personal information to the authority overseeing the GPDR compliance.

Contact information:
Postadress Datainspektionen Box 8114 104 20 Stockholm.
Telephone: 08-657 61 00

We are focused on that your information is protected in the most secure way. Our support systems are therefore designed and operated in a way that meets the requirements of GDPR.

Future changes in this Policy.
Rosander Recruitment reserve the right to change or update this Policy at any given moment. It is therefore recommended that you keep yourself updated on latest version and visit this website on a regular basis.

Updated: 2018-05-25

Contact information
On questions about this policy please contact us on: info@rosanderrecruitment.  

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